Performed based on components renowned world brands (JAE, HRS) and according to global standards, ie.: LVDS which exist in LCD displays.  
Performed based on components renowned world brands (JAE, JST, MOLEX) used for power connections inside the electronic equipment ie: industrial computers, medical devices and LCD displays  
For our customers we can import unusual electronic components from the world's stock. We are also preparing semi-finished beams used for the production.  
Implementation of electronic systems ie.: adapters, splitters, etc. giving the functional extension for harnesses is an additional area of our activities.  

Welcome on Servitronic website

We hope that our service will give you all necessary information regarding products and encourage you to establish business cooperation with our company.

We operate in this industry since 2007 year. From the early beginning we cooperate with major manufacturers of electronics in our country (medical devices, industrial computers, LCD displays) what extract highest quality of our products. It was only one way to fulfill expectations of our partners, which requirements stand on the highest international level. Gained experience guide our policy to continuously improve product quality through continuous monitoring of production processes.


Drawing from many years of experience and based on the our potential, we are prepared to support the customers through counseling and developing new products that meet international standards of quality. Our offer is for businesses requiring a professional support for the production. We realize pilot and test productions before mass production start. Company profile includes production of:

  • Cable harnesses (including LVDS and power signal) that are applicable in devices such as: industrial PCs, medical devices, LCD modules
  • Electronics sub-systems (splitters, extenders, adapters)

As a company we have well recognized market of unusual electronic components. For our customers we are able to bring rare, unusual elements to Poland. We invite you to acquaint with the details of our offer. We also encourage you to submit inquiries via e-mail or telephone contact. Our team in a short time answers all your questions and provide comprehensive information.

We will be delighted to serve you as an alternative supplier of high quality products and services.